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Graphics : Dolls, Glitters & More!

Some graphics are tagged with our old website name LTEC. We will not be removing the graphics, since we'd like for all of you to continue enjoying them. We've updated the link code to our new website URL, however, if you find one with "ltec", please link them to "theprincesschateau".
Thank you ♥

If you see a watermark on the image or graphic, right-click (mouse) and select "open image in new tab" (or something similar). You will be able to save the image from there. Be sure to save content to your own computer! Do not use the image address (link). This will work until all images are uploaded to a new image host.


Birthday Glitters

Candybar Dolls 1
Candybar Dolls 2
Candybar Dolls 3
Candybar Dolls 4
Candybar Dolls 5
Candybar Doll Glitters 1
Candybar Doll Glitters 2
Candybar Doll Glitters 3
Candybar Doll Glitters 4
ChaZie Dolls 1
Christmas/Winter Doll Sig Tags
Classy Sig Tags

Day & Night Glitters
Disney Princess Glitters
Doll Icons

Easter Icons
Easter Dolls

Fantasy Dolls 1
Fantasy Dolls 2

Glitter Dolls 1
Glitter Dolls 2
Glitter Dolls 3
Glitter Dolls 4

I am... Glitters

Pixel Text
Princess & Formal Dolls 1
Princess & Formal Dolls 2
Princess & Formal Dolls 3
Princess & Formal Dolls 4
Princess Word Bling
Princess Word Glitters

Rainbow & Unicorn Glitters
Random Graphics 1
Random Graphics 2
Random Graphics 3
Random Graphics 4
Roiworld Dolls

Sayclub Glitters
Sayclub Pixels
Sweets Glitters

Thank You Glitters

Valentine Dolls 1
Valentine Dolls 2

Zodiac (Hello Kitty, Chinese)
Zodiac (Sayclub, Western)

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