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Welcome to The Princess Chateau

We are Princess June & Silent Eyez and we'd like to thank you for stopping by. Our website was created specifically to fulfill your sweetest desires. If you've come here for class and elegance, you've come to the right place. So sit back and have a cup of tea with us and bring out the inner Princess in you Don't forget to leave us a little message in our Cbox (tagboard) below Enjoy your visit!



We have added a new link exchange! Please go visit Dive


New Thank You glitters have been added! ♥


Apologizing for not having done anything new here. I have not forgotten about TPC. Occassionaly, I swing by to check on things behind the scenes. Please, don't hesitate to continue to visit and enjoy this little webbie ♥


Our newest affie!


We have our very first affie!


Uploaded some of our old content from, LTEC: Backgrounds


New glitters added: Thank You Glitters


Great news! I have instead opted for a DynamicDrive.Com script for the Siggy Makers. However, the only ones I did not get to update are: Christmas Cuties & the Dollies, Pretty Princess and Sweethearts. I will have to search for something that allows layering, since some of the makers have backgrounds (as props to use).


Oh no... it looks like the Siggy Makers are no longer working due to the script's website,, being down. I am so sorry for, yet, another inconveniece. Will have to see what I can do about that.


Our content can still be "viewed and saved". We were able to right-click (mouse) and copy the image address (link), open a new tab in browser and paste (or "open image in new tab"). Link goes to the image's page and it looks fine. So you can still be able to enjoy the content (well, in a weird way). Be sure to save content to your own computer! Do not use the image address (link).


TPC's PB hosted images have been blurred (TinyPic hosted images are terminated due to hosting being shut down) and visitors will not be able to view or save content. The only things available are The Siggy Makers. We apologize for this major inconvenience but it is out of our hands now. The future of STnet (main host/website) and its subdomains is uncertain but we will keep you all informed in whatever has been decided.

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