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Past Updates


Lol, banner finally corrected ♥


Omg, lol, misspelled "château" in our header banner! Will have to redo it soon. Feel so silly!
Added new Rainbow & Unicorn Glitters!


Not happy with the resulted layout. I tried 2 other color combos and styles and this final one, well it was decent but something went wrong with an image and it just got a little frustrating. I do plan to update it (again) but it will be a while. *le sigh*

*Update* So I am in the process of changing the look and I think I am finally happy with the way it will be. Sorry for the messy look if you're visiting during this change.


Accidentally deleted the flag counter (visitors) and had to setup a new one. Bummer.


Going to be updating the look of TPC throughout the day. Please excuse the messiness. ♥


Seems that our content is showing up again without any problem but still, no telling what may happen again. Feel free to browse our website and enjoy what we have to offer. Tell others about us so that they too can come by and save a cute graphic or two ♥


Sadly, much of our content is no longer available for viewing or using code for. The image host we use has changed their terms of use and no longer allow "3rd party hosting" for free. And honestly, the price for upgrading to that is not an option (absolutely expensive). We will have to look for another image host or think of something else. Our sig makers are still available, so please feel free to keep using. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Had to rearrange some dolls to a different page. ChaZies are now less and Fantasy Dolls more. New Fantasy Dolls 2!


New Fantasy Dolls!


New Candybar Dolls 5! ^-^


Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Today we have added Valentine Dolls! ♥


Check out the new Easter Dolls! ♥


Check out the new ChaZie Dolls 2! ♥


Updated our link buttons and banners, as well as our support blinkies to our own image host account. Also, we have created a topsites listing! Please visit TPC's Topsites to add your website(s) ♥


Check out the new Princess & Formal Dolls 4 page! ^-^


Since I couldn't find the old ChaZie glitter dolls in my files, I've decided to add newer dolls instead (and without them being glitter styled). I will be uploading more in the days to come (hopefully). Check out the new ChaZie Dolls 1! ^-^


Added new pages of dolls to Princess & Formal Dolls 2 and Princess & Formal Dolls 3. Also, removed the ChaZies doll page due to broken image links. Will have to upload them to TPC's new image host account when we get the chance.


Added a new glitter to Disney Princess Glitters 7 ^-^


*~ Happy New Year! ~*
It sure has been quite a while since we've posted an update, however things had been just behind the scenes stuff. Today, we have added new glitters to Bday, Day & Nite & Sweets. We will be uploading our content to our own PB image account from now on. There is still plenty to add/upload but in due time.


Added more Disney Princess Glitters! Pages 5-7 are newest. P.S. In 10 days, TPC will be 7 years old! We have been opened since 2008


Happy New Year! Wishing you all a wonderful **2015** ^-^ To start the new year, we have added more Disney Princess Glitters! Because some of them are big, we will place 2 per page (more if they are smaller).


New content added! Bling Graphics, Disney Princess Glitters & Rainbow Glitters! Updated some page links and content URLs. Still more to do but in due time


A much needed layout change! ^_^
Also, new Birthday Glitters, Random Graphics 3 & Random Graphics 4!


Major update! For the past two years, I have been working on the creation of signature makers. I've spent a lot of time recoloring and cropping (editing to get things to look just right) and plenty of sleeplessness to be had. It was all worth it though! I just wish I had been able to get them up sooner (sorry!). Please enjoy them as I have enjoyed preparing it for You ♥

*Later* Finished adding all of the makers I had prepared for TPC ^_^ and removed many of our graphics pages (which had broken images). I would like to replace them with new content but it may take a while ^_~


Hello everyone ^_^ Just letting you know we are still around. We are sorry for any errors in our codes/images (not sure if we will be able to get them fixed anytime soon). Please continue to enjoy our content. There is plenty to see and use for your personal and website delights!


Greetings to all! We are so happy to announce that we have finally been able to UPDATE with tons of new graphics and dolls (yes, tons!).


Open Hiatus ♥


New: Anime Dolls!


New: Easter Icons!


Added: more Word/Text glitters!


New: Word/Text glitters!


One new layout has been added! You can find it in the Words/Text category ^-~


Yay, an update! ♥ We have added some Christmas/Winter doll graphics for you to enjoy ^-^ You can find them in our Graphics section ^-~


We apologize greatly, to everyone that has tried contacting us through our e-mail form. There was some kind of error and all we received were blank e-mails. We have removed the form from our website and have added a new method for you to contact us


Added few more: Candybar Doll Comment glitters (page 3) ♥


Added few more: Roiworld dolls ♥


New items added: Roiworld dolls ♥


New page of Candybar Doll Comment glitters ♥ There are more to be uploaded, but there is a bit of a problem with that. In the meantime, enjoy the ones we have now & check back later for the rest ^-^


More Princess Glitters! ^-~


Added a new page of Candybar Doll Comment glitters.
*Later* More CB doll comment glitters and new items in Graphics: Princess Glitters! ^-^


Please excuse the long wait. We have now added a bit of new content: Pixel Text ^-^ You can find them in the Graphics category.


Just been doing some behind the scenes updating ^-~


Things are all set and well, we are pleased to present to you our newest website, The Princess Ch창teau. TPC has been in the works since January 10th. It is the next chapter of LTEC, which by the way, will no longer be opened. We will continue to offer LTEC's content because we want you all to keep enjoying them. If you find any errors throughout our pages, graphics link code, images or layouts, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you all so much and welcome to our new website! ♥

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