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TPC's Terms of Use

Our content is not to be redistributed in any way, shape or form. This means you cannot submit our content to other websites, add them to galleries, zip them (compress) in files for sharing, included in generators ...etc.

Unless otherwise stated, our graphics are to be used "as is". This means you may not recolor, resize, add text, animate ...etc.

You may not remove our link code or cover up our credit tag to claim our content as your own.

If there is no code provided for a graphic, then it is not meant to be direct linked. This means you must save the said graphic to your own computer. When right clicking on the image/graphic of choice, you must select, "Save As" (or something similar). If you do not understand what "direct linking" means, then you shouldn't be taking people's graphics in the first place. To learn about what direct linking is, visit or you can conduct a websearch for it.

Any content we supply for you without a link code, must still be credited to TPC. You may use a text or button/banner code to link back to us. However, if you do not have a way of posting links, a simple text credit (ie. "ty TPC") or type out our link as a text.

Our website's layout elements (backgrounds, header banner, buttons...etc) are not to be ripped apart to create your own works or for your personal use. They are strictly for our website and for you to enjoy visually while browsing TPC.

We have the right to change our terms at any time. We appreciate your understanding and hope you will abide by our terms. Thank you

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